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Collaborating to Transform Your Data into Business Value

The Angoss Professional Services team provides custom and hands-on consulting, working side-by-side with your team to help design, develop, and deploy analytics solutions. Our experts will seamlessly integrate into your team and organization in order to define deliverables, execute, and share ownership of completion.

We Provide Services for All Stages of the
Data Mining Process

The Angoss Professional Services team is available to work with your organization in a variety of ways including:


  • Defining and documenting business objectives for predictive analytics
  • Data discovery and assessment to evaluate your data’s readiness for predictive analytics
  • Designing and building analytic data marts
  • Developing modeling methodology, process and/or environment
  • Developing and validating specific predictive models
  • Generating regular scores and scoring strategy
  • Designing and/or implementing deployment processes for embedding the insight from predictive modeling into your business processes


Take Advantage of the Customer Intelligence
Captured in Your Data

Angoss Professional Services team can support clients in building a vision and defining a roadmap for integrating
data mining and predictive analytics into existing technology platforms and business processes.


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