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Unlock the Valuable Customer Intelligence in your Data – Customer Analytics

The era of Big Data is awakening companies to the opportunities to use customer data for competitive advantage. Yet, most marketers are in the early stages of leveraging the value of their customer data. Download this eBook to learn how to use customer data for data-driven decisions.

28 Experts Share How to Achieve Business ValueText Analytics eBook
28 Experts Share How to Achieve Business Value

We asked 28 Experts to generously answer this question and share their best-practices with us:

What advice would you give someone in your industry to get business value from text analytics? Read the eBook to see what they had to say.


Data Science Platform eBook
Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the right Data Science Platform: 12 Critical Building Blocks of a Data Science Platform

A Data Science Platform is the most important asset companies acquire as part of their data analytics strategy. Capable of being applied to most business applications pertaining to risk management, customer centricity, and business operations, this Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning workbench is not just a passing trend but is rather quickly becoming a staple across all industries and departments.


Angoss KnowledgeSCORE eBookKnowledgeSCORE eBook
Remove the Guesswork with Predictive
Lead & Opportunity Scoring

This eBook walks you through the journey of considerations when performing predictive analysis on customer data with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. As the pace of business quickens, and competition stiffens, the ability to focus and generate better and faster decisions will be what differentiates market leaders from the rest.


Text Analytics Beginner's GuideeBook
Text Analytics Beginner’s Guide

This eBook will help you leverage customer feedback to support customer experience management. Learn how to extract meaning from customer feedback buried in social media (blogs, tweets, forum posts) and other voice of the customer (VoC) channels such as call center logs, emails and customer surveys.