Balance Tolerance for Risk while Improving Customer Acquisition

In the highly competitive telecommunications market, companies are competing for market share and revenue while balancing their appetite for risk. Getting the right customers – the most profitable customers are key to revenue growth.

The challenge most telecommunications companies face are not data availability – but data overload. Angoss analytic solutions help you sift through the data and apply intelligent advanced models to deliver precise marketing and credit strategies that will help you acquire and retain the most profitable customer base.


How Angoss Helps Telecommunication Companies


Manage & balance tolerance for risk with appetite for new customer acquisition

Our advanced risk analytics solutions mine big data to help you:

  • Develop credit scorecards to improve your decisioning at the individual level
  • Identify potential fraudulent new customers
  • Optimize your collection and recovery strategies
  • Target customers with higher propensity to pay back with higher amounts owing

Predictive analytic models allow telecommunication providers to increase accuracy in measuring customer viability while balancing it against customer risk during new customer acquisition.


Do you know what your customers are saying and their influence on others?

By actively listening to and analyzing the meaning and sentiment behind data from a multitude of sources, including your customers, your industry, and your competitors, our solutions will help you:

  • Monitor and analyze what people are saying about your brand relative to others in the marketplace
  • Develop informed product roadmap strategies based on market feedback about your product and your competitors’
  • Proactively address and fix product or service issues before they compound
  • Develop strategies to improve customer experience and maintain loyalty

Using theme extraction and sentiment interpretation, our advanced analytics will help you incorporate a more thoroughly researched voice of customer into your business strategies to improve your customer experience.


Competition is fierce, what are you doing to acquire and retain profitable customers?

With increased competition biting at your heels, our advanced analytics solutions will help you:

  • Delight customers with price plan options that match usage patterns from Network or aggregated CDR data
  • Market in real-time, using contextual attributes to update models and provide decision support to assisted and unassisted customer contact channels
  • Implement time-limited marketing at a customer level based on customer intelligence and behaviour segmentation
  • Focus acquisition & reactivation efforts on customers with the highest customer lifetime value

Our advanced analytics solutions harness the power of big data to greatly improve overall marketing ROI.

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