High Tech

Manage Customer Lifecycle & Optimize Each Stage

High Tech businesses are constantly changing due to customer demands, product life cycles shrinking, and rapid innovation with fast time to market. Big data, cloud computing, social media, and mobile devices are impacting the way customers consume and interact with information. Predictive analytics allows high tech companies to respond to market changes with real time insight, and predict business and customer outcomes to immediately adapt processes to changing conditions.

Angoss predictive analytics makes it possible for companies to respond in real-time to market dynamics, forecast customer behavior, potential risks, and product and channel demands.

Angoss is helping high tech companies manage their entire customer lifecycle and optimize each stage for improved revenue performance through:

  • Marketing ROI analysis
  • Voice of the Customer feedback
  • Developing Cross-sell and Upsell strategy
  • Next Product Recommendation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Product Segmentation
  • Customer Retention, Loyalty and Churn Analysis
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Customer Acquisition

Predictive Lead and Opportunity Scoring

High Tech companies can remove the guesswork with Angoss’ predictive analytics for product and channel optimization, and predictive lead and opportunity scoring. Predictive techniques include:

  • Channel optimization
  • Sales opportunity and pipeline forecasting
  • Optimizing profitability by identifying customers’ values
  • Bringing new products to market fast
  • Enabling agile supply chains and responsive manufacturing
  • Predicting future customer behavior from existing customer data
  • Hand-off the strongest possible leads

Predictive analytics solutions for the High Tech industry