Sales Analytics

Improve Sales Productivity with Actionable Insight

Sales executives are challenged to achieve year-over-year revenue growth with fewer (and more expensive) sales resources in a highly competitive economy.

With the ability to predict where the future sales opportunities lie and gain insight into their potential value, the organization can close more deals sooner and at a lower cost per sale.

Angoss sales analytics solutions apply predictive analytics and data mining to the sales pipeline to determine who to call and who not to call. By using predictive analytics and real-time scoring to sort through large volumes of marketing, demand generation and lead management related data, sales territory managers and individual sales reps can apply data driven decisioning to the process of prioritizing their outbound sales activities.

Improve Sales Productivity with Actionable Insight

Angoss sales analytics solutions integrates seamlessly into any CRM system and immediately starts leveraging the data within the CRM system in order to help create a more productive sales force.

Angoss can help your sales team build stronger, better leads faster.

Predictive analytics can help improve sales productivity by creating:

  • Focused Opportunity Management – With predictive opportunity scoring, sales professionals are able to focus their time on the opportunities most likely to close, enabling them to efficiently manage their pipeline and provide more consistent results quarter-over-quarter in real-time.
  • More Accurate Forecasts – Predictive opportunity scoring looks at patterns in the entire sales history in order to predict strong opportunities. As a result, sales leaders are able to deliver more confident and accurate forecasts.
  • Next Best Action – Next best action identifies which activities are most predictive of successful outcomes, and recommends which action is the next best to take at any given point in the sales cycle. This predictive approach saves time and reduces sales cycles, while increasing accountability with the results of manual and automated task prioritization being measured.


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