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Empower Your Sales Force and Increase its Productivity

Generate more high-value leads with Angoss sales analytics solutions. Uncover profitable opportunities, forecast more
intelligently, and make smarter decisions at every stage of the selling cycle to close more sales and grow revenue faster.


How do you keep Sales focused on high-value opportunities?

By applying predictive analytics to your sales pipeline, our solutions will identify leads with the most valuable sales opportunities, so you can:

  • Make better-informed, real-time decisions on where to prioritize sales activities
  • Consistently focus outbound sales time on opportunities most likely to close
  • Deliver more accurate forecasts and achieve targets
  • Reduce cost per sale

Our advanced analytics allow you to better understand your sales pipeline and score your leads based on the most valuable opportunities, so you can focus your sales team to drive and close more sales, and achieve targets sooner.



How can you make better-informed decisions at every stage of the sales cycle?

By identifying activities most predictive of successful outcomes, our advanced analytics solutions will help you:

  • Focus Sales on the next best action to take at any given point in the sales cycle
  • Make smarter, more timely, and agile decisions along the sales cycle
  • Increase sales accountability with better measurable task prioritization
  • Save time and reduce the length of sales cycles

Our advanced analytics solutions determine and identify actions most likely to produce successful outcomes, helping your sales team take the right action with the right customer at the right time along the sales cycle.



How can you know exactly which sales will close this month?

Our predictive analytics solutions analyze patterns in your entire sales history, in order to help you:

  • Generate more accurate forecasts
  • Identify risks and be proactive in introducing save strategies
  • Evaluate win rates and predict future close rates per Sales Rep
  • Achieve sales targets through better forecasting and planning

By deeply analyzing historical sales patterns, our solutions can help you deliver more confident and accurate forecasts, identify and mitigate future risks, achieve your sales targets, and generate more revenue faster.


Hit Your Targets Faster and Drive More Sales
with Angoss Sales Analytics Solutions

Generate more and better leads, forecast smarter, and grow revenue with Angoss sales analytics solutions for data profiling and visualization, decision tree analysis, predictive modeling, scoring and strategy building. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf or fully customized solution, harnessing the power of big data to make smarter sales decisions has never been easier. Speak to one of our solution specialists now.

“We’re using predictive leads delivered through FundGUARD to complement our sales process with the end result being uplift in assets under management. Equally important is the ability to use its interactive segmentation and territory sales reports to help make our direct and indirect sales teams more successful. Used in sales operations, FundGUARD is improving sales productivity and is a critical tool for optimizing sales–driven revenue.”

– Project Manager, Mutual Fund Company

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