Risk Analytics

Optimize Risk Management with the Power of Advanced Analytics

Take control of the customer credit risk management process with Angoss’ risk analytics toolkit. Make data driven credit decisions, detect and preempt fraud, and better manage portfolios, collections, and claims to maximize performance and reduce risk.


How do you make better-informed lending decisions to mitigate risk and optimize opportunities?

Our advanced risk analytics solutions mine big data to help you assess customers and new applicants to:

      • Develop credit scorecards to improve your decisioning at the individual level
      • Reduce transaction costs and time-lags associated with decisions to extend credit
      • Grow market share by uncovering valuable growth opportunities
      • Create actionable and predictive rules that drive continuous business improvement across all portfolios

Discover valuable insights to improve your credit decisioning, reduce decision time, mitigate risk, and reveal valuable growth opportunities with our credit risk scoring solutions.



How can you better assess and benchmark your credit portfolio performance?

Our advanced analytics solutions will help you leverage your customer and transactional data to:

  • Analyze, assess and optimize the performance of your credit portfolios
  • Benchmark portfolio performance over time
  • Reduce risk through better, data-driven decision making
  • Grow revenue by improving overall portfolio performance

Utilizing big data, our solutions can help you leverage information about customers, intermediaries, and transactions to maximize your credit portfolio performance while reducing risk.



How do you best detect, prevent, and manage fraud and abuse?

Our predictive models can detect subtle patterns of unusual or suspect activity in your data, so that you can:

  • Score portfolios and quickly predict fraud probability
  • Introduce fraud and abuse detection that adapts with predictive rules and evolves with changing patterns
  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing detailed reporting of your risk management strategies
  • Reduce loss through proactive fraud deterrence and recovery of funds

Our data analytics solutions arm you with meaningful insights to decrease fraud and abuse, detect and prevent anomalous transactions, and help you respond proactively to mitigate loss.



How do you maximize collections and recovery?

Using collection and recovery scorecards and portfolio assessment data, our solutions can help you:

  • Optimize your collection and recovery strategies
  • Forecast recoverable amounts and collection costs
  • Target customers with a higher propensity to pay back and with higher amounts owing
  • Increase average revenue per unit and maximize return on investment

Our collection analytics can help you generate accurate recovery forecasts and target customers with a higher propensity to pay, reducing cost of collection and increasing total recoverable amount.



How can you improve your claims handling process and reduce fraud and abuse?

Our end-to-end claims model solution will help you:

  • Analyze claim portfolios for insight into the key drivers of claims fraud and abuse
  • Measure customer claim amounts against customer lifetime value and take informed actions
  • Manage and minimize loss ratio
  • Process claims faster to maximize customer satisfaction and reduce churn

Our claims management solutions can help you profile and segment your customers to build a claims propensity model for fraud and abuse, as well as enhance your claims handling process to maximize customer satisfaction.


Build Better Risk Strategies
with Angoss Risk Analytics Solutions

Whether you choose an off-the-shelf or fully customized solution, harnessing the power of big data to optimize risk management has never been easier. Angoss provides risk analytics solutions for data profiling and visualization, decision tree analysis, predictive modeling, scoring and strategy building. Speak to one of our solution specialists now.

“Angoss Strategy Trees helped us reduce the time to develop new credit strategies by 50%, and greatly improved credit analyst productivity for business agility and speed to action. Our consumer credit analysts are now able to analyze more granular customer data to ask new questions and test theories with greater speed and flexibility.”

– VP, Credit Strategy, Consumer Banking Credit Group

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