Build it. Predict it. Visualize it.

Bringing you the Best of Both Worlds – Advanced Predictive Analytics of Angoss plus Visual Analytics of Tableau

Quickly and intuitively provide transparency to predictive analytics results via Tableau’s visual canvas


  1. Effectively communicate predictive analytics results

    The easy-to-use visual analysis of Tableau will quickly and intuitively provide transparency to predictive analytics results. Managers will have access to workbooks and dashboards that are easily digestible and offer integral value for long-term, short-term and real-time decision making.

  2. Save time and resources by eliminating coding

    Enhancing the user experience, both Angoss and Tableau software, eliminate the need for coding. In particular, Angoss offers users automated code creation functionality that reduces coding time by more than 30% for data preparation, model building and deployment – while eliminating user coding errors.

  3. Deploy best practices in illustrating data

    Create it, share it, now have others utilize it! Users have access to online or local Tableau workbooks which they can utilize as templates for new projects thereby significantly increasing productivity.

  1. Improve performance and efficiency

    Easy connectivity to many data formats enable creation of datasets for data mining. Additionally, advanced functions such as data preparation, modeling and deployment and now access to Tableau, can be accomplished within a single application thereby eliminating the need to utilize other environments.

  2. Minimize learning curve

    Angoss’ analytics workflows are constructed in a visual and interactive way reducing the need for manual intervention. Both Tableau and Angoss offer drag-and-drop functionality enabling users to easily navigate through the software.

  3. Trusted and easy-to-use Software

    Recognized and trusted by top-tiered leading organizations, Angoss and Tableau focus on creating easy-to-use tools for analysts of all skill levels.


  • Tableau Visual AnalyticsAccess to Advanced Data Mining Functions – Data Preparation, Modeling, Model Evaluation & Deployment
  • Real-Time Scoring
  • In-Database Functionality
  • Reusing of Existing Tableau Workbooks
  • Data Exploration
  • Visualize Results
  • Publish Tableau Workbooks
  • No Coding Necessary
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Wizard Driven Workflows
  • Automated Workflow Re-Run




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