Enhance Predictive Data Exploration
with Qlik Self-Serve Visualization

See The Entire Story That Lives Within Your Data


  1. Make stunning data discoveries

    Explore simple and complex data to find hidden data relationships that can help you make meaningful business decisions. Effectively represent and communicate advanced analytics by creating flexible, interactive visualizations from Angoss data and modeling results.

  2. Minimize learning curve and grow your data knowledge

    Turn your team into creators. Maximize their skills and experience by letting them focus on the things they are best at. Angoss’ analytics workflows are constructed in a visual and interactive way reducing the need for manual intervention.  Both, Qlik and Angoss, offer drag-and-drop functionality enabling users to easily navigate through the software.

  3. Trusted and easy-to-use software

    Recognized and trusted by top-tiered leading businesses, Angoss and Qlik focus on creating easy-to-use tools for analysts of all skill level.

  1. Improve performance and efficiency

    Automatically convert Angoss datasets and model analysis results into Qlik files. Then open and edit them right from within Angoss workflows using vast visualization capabilities for data exploration and reporting.

  2. Save time and resources by eliminating coding

    Enhancing the user experience, both Angoss and Qlik software, eliminate the need for coding. In particular, Angoss offers users automated code creation functionality that reduces coding time by more than 30% for data preparation, model building and deployment – while eliminating user coding errors.

  3. Deploy best practices in illustrating data

    Why duplicate already completed work. Take advantage of data models, apps, dashboards and stories created by teammates in the predefined, shared visualization library.


  • Qlik Visual AnalyticsSelf-Service Visual Analytics
  • Access to Advanced Data Mining Functions – Data Preparation, Modeling, Model Evaluation & Deployment
  • Real-time scoring
  • In-database Functionality
  • Reusing of Existing Qlik Workbooks
  • Data Exploration
  • No Coding Necessary
  • Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Wizard Driven Workflow
  • Automated Workflow Re-Run







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