Advanced Modeling for High Performance Decision Making

KnowledgeSTUDIO is an advanced modeling and predictive analytics workbench for high-performance business analysts and quantitative analysts offering a robust set of capabilities for the development and deployment of data mining models for a wide range of applications and use cases. Users benefit from an intuitive wizard-driven interface with Angoss patented Decision Trees and unique Strategy Trees at its core.

Advanced Predictive Modeling
KnowledgeSTUDIO offers comprehensive, advanced predictive analytics for all phases of model development and the deployment cycle. In a high-performance visual environment that provides data analysts with a powerful and scalable advanced analytics solution, wizard-driven interfaces help users of all levels build effective models, while fine-tuning of model parameters is available for advanced users. Quantitative analysts have access to more complex functionality with configurable settings for fine tuning advanced model parameters in order to accommodate models of any complexity. KnowledgeSTUDIO provides advanced predictive modeling capabilities including; linear and logistic regression, neural networks, scorecards and market basket analysis, cluster analysis, and principal component analysis
Angoss Decision TreesAngoss Decision Trees
Angoss Software is highly recognized for its patented, market-leading Decision Trees – which are at the core of KnowledgeSTUDIO and provide an intuitive interface for building and exploring segments, discovering relationships between variables, performing variable reduction and much more.

With an easy to use point-and-click interface, Angoss Decision Trees can be grown manually by creating custom splits or automatically using segmentation algorithms, or using a combination of both methods. This visual, real-time exploration aided by many usability features such as pan and zoom, variable search, and copying and pasting splits saves time for significant productivity and efficiency gains.
Angoss Strategy TreesAngoss Strategy Trees
Unique, patent pending Angoss Strategy Trees are the first of their kind for building and deploying predictive strategies. Strategy Trees combine the usability of Angoss industry-leading Decision Trees with an intuitive, visual and collaborative approach for strategy design, authoring and validation workflow. Strategy Trees combine customer segments, scores, business rules, and calculations – applying user-defined treatments and actions to support decisioning and the development of business strategies, actions and optimization.

Strategy Trees allow users to analyze an unlimited number of key performance indicators (KPIs) within a single graphical tree view – eliminating the need to create multiple trees and compare segments against them. As a result the user gets a holistic view of all strategic options at a glance and greater control over planning next actions.
Market Basket AnalysisMarket Basket Analysis
Advancing support for customer and marketing analytics, KnowledgeSTUDIO includes Market Basket Analysis—to build strategies for product promotions, placement and cross sell. Aside from discovering association rules and detecting anomalies, Market Basket Analysis helps you visualize the degree of attraction or repellence between items, view charts representing items most strongly associated with a given item, rank association rules and apply them to new data to produce recommendations. Automatic generation of SQL code for association rules makes it possible to apply them within database environments.

Data Preparation and Profiling
Highly intuitive and easy to use wizards help business users and quantitative analysts save time and obtain the knowledge needed. KnowledgeSTUDIO includes data preparation capabilities that allow users to easily extract, manipulate and transform data to prepare it for modeling. Import and connect multiple data sources: join; append; aggregate; and remove duplicates for any dataset with data preparation wizards that increase productivity and efficiency and eliminate the need to write code. After importing and preparing data, a broad range of reports, charts, graphs and views allow users to quickly gain an understanding of their data. Visualization of data is driven by a powerful, easy to use graphical interface.
Model ValidationModel Validation
KnowledgeSTUDIO Model Analyzer provides an extensive set of model validation and comparison features as well as model deployment tools. Model performance can be evaluated and compared using lift and cumulative lift charts, relative operating characteristic curves and other charts. All models can be validated against a validation partition or a new dataset. Cumulative Lift and Lift Reports can be created in order to provide a summary of these comparisons. This allows users to provide management with estimated response rates and lift for each individual model.

Model Deployment
Models developed in KnowledgeSTUDIO can be deployed via scoring, code generation, real-time scoring, or easy integration with other platforms. Models can be deployed directly within the application or automatically translated to SAS, SQL, and PMML code for deployment in other analytics environments or databases. Hadoop can also be used as a deployment platform for models created in KnowledgeSTUDIO.

Real-time Scoring
Angoss’ Real-time Scoring Engine delivers intelligent, real-time scores or recommendations to operational systems during customer interactions to support timely decision making and speed-to-action. Real-time scoring capabilities are available for the entire Angoss Software Suite.

In-Database Analytics
In-Database Analytics performs data mining and predictive analytics directly on data stored in a database as opposed to working on a copy of the data. Data transformations and scoring and validation for Decision Trees and Strategy Trees are all enabled from within the database. Angoss enables complete analytics workflow within the database—from model development to deployment. Angoss’ In-Database Analytics driver supports Teradata®, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle® and Netezza™ databases, with native open database connectivity (ODBC) drivers required for each of these databases. In-database analytics capabilities are available for the entire Angoss Software Suite.

Deployment Options
Angoss offers a range of deployment options including on-premise licensed software, Cloud-hosted software for small teams, short-term or project based initiatives, as well as fully managed analytical solutions for organizations with complex requirements that lack analytics staff. Angoss software deployment options are flexible — making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use for all business analytics users and use cases.


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