Unparalleled Voice of the Customer Insights with Text Analytics

KnowledgeREADER is an industry-first application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of Angoss leading predictive analytics. By merging the output of unstructured text data analysis with traditional structured data through automated creation of single view for data mining and analysis, models are more likely to have higher predictive and exploratory power.

The results of text analytics can now be used to build predictive customers strategies with unparalleled customer intelligence and Voice of the Customer insights to support customer experience management—above and beyond what text analytics users have come to expect. KnowledgeREADER text analysis is powered by the industry leading Lexalytics Salience Engine.
Visual Text DiscoveryVisual Text Discovery
Sentiment and text analysis results are automatically generated and delivered through a visual dashboard. The dashboard provides insight into overall sentiment distribution and sentiment across top ten topics, themes and entities. KnowledgeREADER provides best-in-class Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment analysis, classification and entity and theme extraction—via the seamlessly embedded Salience Engine from Lexalytics.
Comparison AnalysisComparison Analysis
KnowledgeREADER takes sentiment analysis further with the ability to compare sentiment between text analysis data sets. Comparison analysis allows you to detect similarities and differences in sentiment distribution across data sets, data sources or text analysis conducted at different points in time.

Comparison analysis looks at the aggregate sentiment contained in your data sets to provide insight into the top ten topics, themes and entities. You can identify important changes within your data and isolate areas to target for reducing costs or increasing revenues.
Trend AnalysisTrend Analysis
KnowledgeREADER tracks sentiment over time across the most important entities, themes, topics and sentiment phrases discussed by customers. You can view how overall sentiment, sentiment distribution, top ten entities, themes, topics and sentiment phrases are trending by day, week, month or year. Time periods can be defined to track any subject contained within your text analysis data set. Trend analysis provides insight into how and why customer sentiment changes over time for never- seen-before insights into what your customers are talking about.
Association DiscoveryAssociation Discovery
Association analysis allows you to uniquely discover how terms are used in relation to each other in order to identify the context surrounding trending themes and topics. KnowledgeREADER automatically creates a visual representation of relationship among terms through the industry-first Association Map.

The Association Map graphically represents how frequently entities, themes and topics are used in association with each other, using distance to represent this context. Terms are displayed using relative size to approximate the frequency of use. Color coding represents the positive and negative sentiment.
Document Exploration
KnowledgeREADER allows you to conduct a drill-down review of specific terms and themes or topics of interest at the document level. You can zoom in on any topic, theme or entity to view a summary of all documents that reference it. You can isolate individual documents to examine the sentiment markup of the text. Sentiment markup highlights all terms of interest and color codes them based on sentiment.

Document exploration helps organizations review entire sentences or parts of documents to understand and verify the context in which certain terms are being discussed, and to better understand the sentiment that is expressed in association with terms. Document exploration allows you to identify the scenarios and use cases that give rise to certain issues within your customer base. These insights allow you to perform triage on current problems or mitigate similar issues from arising in the future.
Predictive AnalyticsPredictive Analytics
KnowledgeREADER includes predictive analysis for distinct competitive advantage in customer experience management; whereas, other text analytics platforms are limited by retrospective analysis and text-only data sources.

KnowledgeREADER builds upon the market-leading data mining, Decision Tree and predictive analytics capabilities provided in Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER®. It includes Angoss best-in-class Decision Trees and patent-pending Strategy Trees to design and deploy predictive strategies. KnowledgeREADER allows you to merge the output of text analytics with your structured data to perform data mining and predictive analytics with additional predictive variables for improved accuracy—expanding your predictive and exploratory power. Models enhanced by the output of text analysis are more likely to have higher predictive and exploratory power—for greater ROI.

In-Database Analytics
In-Database Analytics capabilities are included with KnowledgeREADER and allows users to perform data mining and predictive analytics directly on data stored in a database as opposed to working on a copy of the data. Data transformations and scoring and validation for Decision Trees and Strategy Trees are all enabled from within the database. Angoss enables complete analytics workflow within the database—from model development to deployment. Angoss’ In-Database Analytics driver supports Teradata®, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle® and Netezza™ databases, with native open database connectivity (ODBC) drivers required for each of these databases.

Natural Language Processing & Multilingual Support
The Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engine is powered by the embedded best-in-class Salience Engine from Lexalytics and processes human language in a meaningful way by identifying the parts of speech, and the relationships between the different parts of speech. Multiple language support (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese – Mandarin, Korean, and Italian) is available for sentiment analysis, classification and entity and theme extraction.

Model Deployment
Models developed in KnowledgeREADER can be deployed via scoring, code generation, real-time scoring, or easy integration with other platforms. Models can be deployed directly within the application or automatically translated to SAS, SQL, and PMML code for deployment in other analytics environments or databases. Hadoop can also be used as a deployment platform for models created in KnowledgeREADER.

Real-time Scoring
Angoss’ Real-time Scoring Engine delivers intelligent, real-time scores or recommendations to operational systems during customer interactions to support timely decision making and speed-to-action. Real-time scoring capabilities are available for the entire Angoss Software Suite.

Deployment Options
Angoss offers a range of deployment options including on-premise licensed software, Cloud-hosted software for small teams, short-term or project based initiatives, as well as fully managed analytical solutions for organizations with complex requirements that lack analytics staff. Angoss software deployment options are flexible — making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use for all business analytics users and use cases.


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