A Comprehensive Model Management, Collaboration, and Governance Application

A single application designed to address decision-making challenges.
Automate and streamline the management of models with a secure, compliant, organized and easily accessible
framework for model storage, comparison, monitoring and deployment.


  1. Put your best models forward

    The user-friendly web-based interface enables easy upload and access to all models stored in the model repository and allows the user to schematically categorize them as either champion or challenger. This ensures the use of only the best performing models – with each project containing only a single champion model.

  1. Facilitate accurate business projections

    The centralized model repository allows organizations to facilitate accurate business projections with the support of visual dashboards. Visual dashboard model-monitoring capabilities and automated alerts for monitoring model performance and accuracy aid in determining the level of model performance deterioration. These functions enable users to proactively take action to either replace or update models.

  2. Make the most of your time and resources

    Organizations can save time and resources by regulating the scoring process via an automatic routine schedule thereby eliminating unnecessary manual steps. Champion models are scored in batch or real-time, proving immediate model outputs in various data formats such as SAS, R, Text, Excel, SPSS and Angoss. By automating activities associated with deploying models, users can allocate much needed time to retraining models that will have significant impact on business outcomes.

  1. Improve model governance

    The secure web-based environment minimizes compliance risk by providing managers with access to streamlined reporting such as historical comparison results, validation reports, and model validation charts and tables for model comparison and testing. A comprehensive audit trail allows administrators to control access to the models by assigning access permissions for models, reports, and deployment outputs to users or groups working on different projects.

  2. Streamline the analytical model lifecycle

    The systematic model storage process in KnowledgeMANAGER allows users to: collectively store related models; store multiple model versions within a project; store unique identifiers for models within a project; easily locate models and projects by model properties and project criteria, respectively, using a search function. These and other functions streamline the analytical model lifecycle by automating the movement of models from development to production.


  • Easy-to-use web-based graphical user interface
  • Centralized repository for all Angoss models
  • Manage and compare competing models, within a single environment, to select the best-performing ones for deployment
  • Model performance evaluation and comparison
  • Model deployment via automated model scoring
  • Real-time and batch scoring
  • Visual dashboards, charts and reports are generated for detection of model performance deterioration
  • Secure and compliant web-based interface enables easy access to all models stored in the model repository and provides a comprehensive audit trail
  • Generate scoring output in various data formats such as SAS, R, Text, Excel, SPSS and Angoss




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A Comprehensive Model Management, Collaboration, and Governance Application

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