World’s easiest advanced data mining and predictive analytics software
Simplify advanced coding in the language of SAS, SQL and R

Get insights from the most robust advanced analytics software and deliver results in a fraction of
the time compared to the competition


  1. Save time and resources with automated code creation

    Automated code creation reduces coding time by more than 30% for data preparation, model building and deployment and eliminates user coding errors.

  2. Reduce cost, resources, and maintenance by running all analytics tasks in a single application

    The easy-to-use workflow framework featuring pre-built functional nodes and custom program creation in the language of SAS and R allows users to develop all models and processes within a single application thereby eliminating the need to export models and data to other environments.

  3. Simplify workflow documentation and reporting

    Discover the most influential attributes and relationships through statistical algorithms and be able to quickly assess data quality and derive insights using versatile visualization tools for data profiling.

  4. Increase accuracy of model predictions

    The workflow itself provides a visual way of documenting all stages of analytic tasks. All charts, tables, and reports can be easily shared for collaboration or presentation purposes.

  1. Improve performance and efficiency

    Easy connectivity to many data formats and databases enable creation of analytic datasets for data mining from virtually any data source, enabling analysts and IT teams to leverage existing environments and resources.

  2. Minimize learning curve

    Analytics workflows are constructed in a visual and interactive way reducing the need for manual intervention. Drag-and-drop and wizard-driven features enable users of all skill levels to easily navigate through the software.

  3. Powered by a trusted and proven platform

    Powered by World Programming’s cutting edge World Programming System (WPS), KnowledgeCORE offers a cost-effective replacement to the competition. World Programming is an innovator in the data science community and has been recognized by Gartner in the “Cool Vendors in Data Science, 2014” report.

  4. Complete data science platform solution

    KnowledgeCORE extends Angoss’ existing features and functionality and offers users access to a single Data Science Platform solution for all advanced analytics needs.


  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use GUI with Workflow Design Features
  • Data Import and Export Using the Language of SAS
  • Data Preparation
  • Partitioning Wizard
  • Data Exploration
  • Descriptive Statistics, Advanced Modeling, and Forecasting Using the Language of SAS




  • Custom Programs and Macros in the Language of SAS
  • Pre-Built Functional Nodes in the Language of SAS
  • Pre-Built Nodes for Charts and Plots in the Language of SAS
  • Model Evaluation and Comparison
  • Code Creation in the Language of R
  • Batch Processing and Logging Capabilities


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Important Notes

  • WPS is not the SAS® System
  • World Programming Limited is not associated in any way with SAS Institute Inc
  • The phrase “language of SAS” used in this web site is used to refer to the computer language often called “the SAS language”