Maximize Revenue and Minimize Costs with Optimization
– A Prescriptive Analytics Application

Maximize or minimize any user-defined metric or KPI representing your business objective
while maintaining relevant business constraints


  1. Optimization without analytical environment boundaries

    InsightOPTIMIZER provides users with the ability to perform optimization on model results from any analytical environment by being able to import datasets from any data format. Users can easily get started with solving business problems without any limitations.

  2. Make the most of your resources and achieve the best ROI

    Being able to specify objective metrics for desired constraints such as cost, revenue, or budget, enables companies to maximize their returns and minimize their losses.

  3. Determine the best customer engagement strategy

    The flexibility to test multiple scenarios by easily changing problem assumptions provides businesses with the ability to evaluate the best treatment for a particular business problem and avoid costly mistakes.

  1. Automate complex optimization coding

    Automated workflow, intuitive wizards, and simple dialogs eliminate the need to write code when formulating linear business problems. Interactive GUI guides the user to specify cost and revenue elements of the problem as well as the constraints on the treatment strategy on each customer level.

  2. Solve complex business problems

    Continually balance the needs of the business by being able to handle objective functions of any complexity, numerous constraints, and conflicting business objectives.


  • Flexible and user-friendly interface enables you to quickly and easily formulate optimization problems
  • Intuitive wizard defines objective functions and constraints
  • Multiple scenario testing to observe the effects on your business objective metric
  • Linear optimization: linear programming solver based on the revised Simplex method
  • Nonlinear optimization: Boundary and Linear Equality/Inequality Constrained Optimization (BLEIC)
  • Special numerical algorithms handle large problems while avoiding computational complexity issues


  • Easy-to-understand solution advisory: Problems resulting in unbounded or non-existent solution are automatically diagnosed and appropriate warnings are provided
  • Modeling results from any analytic environment can be used as optimization inputs in InsightOPTIMIZER
  • Optional integration with the languages of R and Python provide the additional benefit of statistical programming capabilities
  • Optional integration with the language of SAS is available via KnowledgeCORE
  • General Dataset Level Optimization


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