Increase Assets Under Management

FundGUARDTM is a fully hosted and managed predictive sales analytics solution for mutual fund distributors looking to increase assets under management while reducing redemption risk.

As the market matures, mutual fund companies face a landscape where similar products are available from many competitors. The implication is that, in order to win, companies must now differentiate themselves through superior distribution.

FundGUARD provides predictive analytics capabilities that align sales and marketing strategies according to sophisticated segmentation, purchasing and redemption behavior. Integrated within CRM, or delivered through a business-friendly on-demand web portal, FundGUARD also produces insightful dashboards and actionable reports that help drive adoption.

Market-leading mutual fund firms are realizing significant benefits by more effectively managing and improving their channel performance:

  • Segment accounts to optimize sales and marketing strategies – firms segment their financial advisors according to how they buy, hold and redeem their investments. By tracking the size of each segment and their average assets under management, FundGUARD provides insight into how their customer base is developing over time and delivers a solution to optimize their channel sales and marketing strategies based on the profile of their customer segments.
  • Increase assets under management and reduce redemptions – predictive scoring highlights financial advisors who are most likely to buy or redeem in the near future, allowing sales teams and marketing professionals to target accounts strategically and either sell additional product or reduce redemptions.
  • Manage technology costs and distribute reports to business users through a fully hosted solution - a fully-hosted Cloud solution allows mutual fund firms to manage their technology costs while providing remote and distributed teams with access through their CRM or through familiar, browser-based access to analytics reports, lists and dashboards. The security model enables them to control who within their organization has access to FundGUARD and control what types of data and features are available to each user.


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