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Hosted and Managed Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics in the Cloud

Angoss hosted and managed cloud solutions deliver predictive and prescriptive analytics in the Cloud providing rapid time to value and reduced IT investment without the need for highly specialized human capital and technology.


Cloud Solutions


Improve sales performance & marketing effectiveness to drive overall revenue growth with our KnowledgeSCORE™ cloud solution and be able to:

  • Pass quality leads to sales
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Deliver strong measurable results
  • Focused opportunity management
  • Provide more accurate forecasts



Increase assets under management while reducing redemption risk with our FundGUARD™ cloud solution and be able to:

  • Segment accounts to optimize sales and marketing strategies
  • Increase assets under management and reduce redemption
  • Manage technology costs and distribute reports to business users through a fully hosted solution



Identify and prevent claims fraud and abusive transactions with our ClaimGUARD™ cloud solution and be able to:

  • Reduce costs with improved detection of claim fraud and abuse
  • Actively deter fraud and speed recovery
  • Analyze claims portfolios to improve client satisfaction



We understand that your business needs are unique and may require customized solutions. Angoss is dedicated to working with your team to provide you with turnkey solutions for individual projects and business goals. Find out how you can benefit from our:

  • Rapid deployment process – typically within 8-10 weeks
  • Industry and custom data models
  • Client Engagement Services
  • Shared Best Practices


Improve Performance Across Sales, Marketing, and Risk Management

Our fully hosted and managed cloud offerings are versatile and designed to be used across all industries. Angoss Services enable actions and cultivate revenue growth through a secure and scalable infrastructure. We make it possible for our clients to soar above the competition by targeting the right customers that are likely to have an impact on company profits.

“We’re using predictive leads delivered through FundGUARD to complement our sales process with the end result being uplift in assets under management. Equally important is the ability to use its interactive segmentation and territory sales reports to help make our direct and indirect sales teams more successful. Used in sales operations, FundGUARD is improving sales productivity and is a critical tool for optimizing sales-driven revenue.”

– Project Manager, Top Tier Mutual Fund Company

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