Text & Social Analytics

Uncover the Meaning in Your Customer Interactions to Make Timely Business Decisions

Go deeper with Angoss’ text & social analytics toolkit. Build stronger, more meaningful customer and employee
relationships, improve your brand and reputation management strategies, and reduce risk, by unlocking the meaning,
patterns, themes, and sentiments in your data.


How should your products be bundled?

By actively listening to the voice of your customer within your text and social data, our solutions will help you understand the patterns, meaning, and sentiment in customer feedback to:

  • Improve customer experience through early detection of issues
  • Quickly change course of action based on customer feedback
  • Develop or improve products to meet customer needs and expectations
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies to mitigate churn

Using theme extraction and sentiment interpretation, our advanced analytics will help you incorporate a more thoroughly researched voice of customer into your business strategies to improve your customer experience.


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How can you leverage your big data to reduce organizational risk?

By deeply analyzing volumes of text data and audio artifacts, our solutions extract concepts and patterns that can help you:

  • Identify and reduce claims fraud
  • Detect and halt outsider trading
  • Better understand and proactively respond to individual and collective employee issues
  • Acknowledge and address negative social media posts and reviews before they harm your brand

Combining text analytics with social analytics, our solutions arm you with meaningful insights to help you detect organizational threats, respond proactively, and reduce risk.



How can you understand sentiment to strategically manage your brand?

By actively listening to and analyzing the meaning and sentiment behind data from a multitude of sources, including your customers, your industry, and your competitors, our solutions will help you:

  • Monitor and analyze what people are saying about your brand relative to others in the marketplace
  • Develop informed product roadmap strategies based on market feedback about your product and your competitors’
  • Proactively address and fix product or service issues before they compound
  • Make data-informed business strategy decisions and set smarter priorities

Our data mining tools can give you valuable insights by product, brand, channel, business unit, and more, to positively impact your business strategies, and grow your market share.



How can you motivate and retain your best employees?

In a sea of emails, social media output, and multi-platform employee and customer feedback, our data analytics solutions will help you gain valuable employee insight to:

  • Improve your engagement and retention strategies
  • Retain your top talent to stay competitive
  • Identify key employee issues and develop best practices
  • Proactively socialize change where needed and accelerate dispute resolution

By greatly expanding the types and volume of data used to understand and engage employees, our analytics tools will help you identify and resolve issues early, and grow employee satisfaction.


Gain Valuable Insights from Your Customer and Employee
Data with Angoss Text & Social Analytics

Angoss’ powerful analytics toolkit breaks down silos to merge your structured and unstructured data, delivering accurate and unbiased information, including theme and sentiment extraction, for integrated customer and employee intelligence. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf or fully customized solution, gaining valuable business insights has never been simpler. Speak to one of our solution specialists now.

“The sentiment work that went into KnowledgeREADER™ and the powerful dictionary are things we appreciate. The Salience engine by Lexalytics™ – with the 250,000 words that they provide sentiments for – is very comprehensive. It’s also easy to format outputs into something we can use very quickly.”

– Adam Ray, Quantitative Analyst – Business Intelligence, American Girl LLC

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