Text & Social Analytics

Understand the Voice of the Customer

In this world of growing online technology, it is hard to ignore the vast amount of information that is being created through multiple online communication platforms. Successful companies today, both listen to and understand what customers are saying and are taking action in response to customer feedback by incorporating the Voice of the Customer (VOC) into business strategies for sales, marketing and customer service using text analytics.

In order to perform accurate data mining and predictive analytics, one must merge the output of unstructured, text-based analytics with structured, proprietary data which will then lead to gaining greater customer insights.

Unstructured data is created within customer surveys, documents, claims records, blogs, social media, online forums, support calls and much more written documentation that are shared online.

Text Analytics transforms unstructured data into structured data for analysis in order to help:

  • Monitor and analyze brand reputation
  • Determine purchase behaviour
  • Identify product issues
  • Summarize surveys, customer reviews
  • Improve customer service and customer experience management
  • Understand customer feedback
  • Improve customer retention
  • Predict and reduce churn
  • Identify and reduce claims fraud
  • Develop cross-sell/upsell strategies
  • Design next best offer strategies

Angoss text and social analytics software are offered through Angoss KnowledgeREADER™.

Organizations with an interest in customer data and text analysis use Angoss analytics in the development of their customer analytics lifecycle.


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