Prescriptive Analytics

Transition Decisioning Methods from Reactive to Proactive to Actionable

Angoss Prescriptive Analytics tools utilize optimization methods that provide businesses with a preferred course
of action for almost any predictive model and answer the following question, “What should I do?”

Choose a Solution That’s Right for Your Business


Optimization at a
Segment Level

Accelerate decision making and assign actions and treatments to quickly iterate strategic plans

  1. Easily visualize segments and actions using a familiar Decision Tree view
  2. Assign automatic treatments through optimization and rule-based decisioning
  3. Explore ‘what if’ scenarios, at no risk, prior to deployment

Optimization at Each Customer
Level for Complex Business Problems

Maximize or minimize any user-defined metric or KPI representing your business objective while maintaining relevant business constraints

  1. Solve complex business problems and test multiple scenarios
  2. Automate your decision making process
  3. Maximize returns while minimizing losses and limiting costs
  4. Easily formulate optimization problems using wizards


Take the Guesswork out of Decision Making
and Improve Your Confidence in Business Outcomes

Our intuitive and easy-to-use optimization solutions provide companies with actionable results, regardless of the complexity of the business problem and user skill level. These prescriptive methods automate decision making and provide the flexibility to test multiple scenarios thereby allowing companies to evaluate the best treatment for a particular business problem to avoid costly mistakes.


“Angoss Strategy Trees helped us reduce the time to develop new credit strategies by 50%, and greatly improved credit analyst productivity for business agility and speed to action. Our consumer credit analysts are now able to analyze more granular customer data to ask new questions and test theories with greater speed and flexibility.”

– VP, Credit Strategy, Consumer Banking Credit Group