Customer Analytics

Harness the Power of Big Data to Maximize Customer Experience

Increase customer lifetime value and win new business by delivering a positive customer experience. With advanced analytics solutions from Angoss, mapping your customer journey, engaging customers and deepening loyalty has never been easier.


What do your customers have in common?

Our advanced analytics solutions will help you segment customers into meaningful clusters, in order to:

      • Identify your most profitable customers
      • Focus your marketing on segments most likely to purchase
      • Discover potential niche markets
      • Develop or improve products to meet customer needs

Uncover hidden customer relationships, focus on high-gain segments and discover untapped sources of revenue with our data mining solutions.



Which prospects should you target?

In a sea of prospective customers, our data mining and analytics solutions will help you:

  • Target demographics with the highest concentration of potential customers
  • Identify highly profitable prospective customers
  • Control customer acquisition costs
  • Capture market share

Our advanced customer analytics will help grow your customer base by identifying segments with increased propensity to buy.



Which of your customers are most likely to leave?

Gain valuable customer insight and intelligence from our data mining solutions, in order to:

  • Maintain customers and reward loyalty
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies
  • Grow your business with existing customers
  • Increase customer satisfaction and profitability

Our data analytics solutions arm you with meaningful insights to reduce churn, decrease risk and help you respond proactively for competitive advantage.



How should your products be bundled?

By deeply analyzing existing customer data, our solutions can help you:

  • Discover cross-selling and bundling opportunities
  • Prioritize and optimize the most profitable products
  • Increase average order value
  • Deepen customer relationships and improve customer loyalty

Our data mining solutions can positively impact your product and branding strategies, and reveal new opportunities for revenue.



Which customers will be your most profitable?

Forecast the expected lifetime value of your customers with our solutions and:

  • Build high-value relationships, maintain customers and reward loyalty
  • Be proactive in introducing retention strategies
  • Focus acquisition & reactivation efforts on customers with the highest customer lifetime value
  • Grow your business with existing customers and increase revenue

Our advanced analytics solutions map the customer journey to help you better connect with customers, improving customer loyalty and lifetime value.


Unlock the Valuable Customer Intelligence in your
Data with Angoss Customer Analytics Solutions

Angoss provides customer analytics solutions for data profiling and visualization, decision tree analysis, predictive modeling, scoring and strategy building. Whether you choose an off-the-shelf or fully customized solution, harnessing the power of big data to make inspired business decisions has never been easier. Speak to one of our solution specialists now.

“We receive over 300,000 emails per year. With KnowledgeREADER™, we are able to analyze customer email, and find consistencies. Through weekly reporting, it will help us let our Customer Sales and Services see which are the hot themes of the week and how they change week over week, so they can take the appropriate action.”

– Joe Elke Advanced Insights Scientist – Business Intelligence, American Girl LLC

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