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Introducing Angoss KnowledgeCORE™

World’s easiest advanced data mining and predictive analytics software – Simplify advanced coding in the language
of SAS, SQL, and R

Toronto, Canada – February 23, 2015 – Angoss Software Corporation (Angoss) today announced the release of KnowledgeCORE™, an advanced data mining and predictive analytics software which provides users with the ability to code in the language of SAS, SQL, and R. Powered by World Programming’s cutting edge World Programming System (WPS), KnowledgeCORE offers a cost-effective alternative to current market advanced analytics tools and enhances the user experience with visual and interactive process flows as well as drag-and-drop and wizard-driven features.

Designed to address business and user challenges such as complexity of current market advanced analytics tools, which can hinder business and user productivity, KnowledgeCORE software contains Angoss’ easy-to-use workflow framework featuring pre-built functional nodes for commonly used data access, data preparation, statistical, and charting procedures implemented in the language of SAS thereby significantly reducing coding time and eliminating user coding errors.

Additionally, KnowledgeCORE allows users to run all analytics tasks in a single application without having to translate models and processes into other languages or export and import data between different formats or environments. This easy-to-use advanced analytics software shortens the learning curve and provides a comprehensive set of features for users of all skill levels – from advanced analysts proficient in SAS, R, and SQL programming to entry-level users.

KnowledgeCORE transforms the user experience by seamlessly integrating with Angoss’ KnowledgeSEEKER™ and KnowledgeSTUDIO™ modeling applications, which utilize best in class Decision Trees and patent pending Strategy Trees, and dramatically extends their capabilities offering users access to a single Data Science Platform for all advanced analytics needs.

“The addition of KnowledgeCORE to our product portfolio has strengthened our competitive positioning in the Predictive Analytics market with the offering of a complete Data Science Platform.” said Jim McGill, President and Chief Executive Officer, Angoss. “Our aim is to design solutions for both the technical and business users and truly provide products that are easy-to-use and provide faster results than the competition.”

KnowledgeCORE’s feature highlights:

  • Easy-to-use GUI with workflow design features.
  • Seamless Integration of SAS, WPD, and Angoss Data Files in the Workflow.
  • Data Import and Export.
  • Data Preparation Using GUI Tools and the Language of SAS.
  • Data Exploration and Profiling.
  • Descriptive Statistics, Advanced Modeling, and Forecasting Using the Language of SAS.
  • Custom Programs and Macros in the Language of SAS.
  • Charts and Plots Using the Language of SAS.
  • Model Performance Evaluation and Comparison.
  • Model Deployment.
  • Custom code in the language of R.
  • Batch Processing and Logging Capabilities.

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