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Angoss announces plans to embed Tableau in its predictive analytics platform to enhance the communication and interpretation of analytic results

Toronto, Canada – April 16, 2015 – Angoss Software Corporation (Angoss) today announced plans to integrate Tableau visualization capability into Angoss’ software suite and predictive analytics platform. This strategic business arrangement will enhance current Angoss software data visualization capabilities and transform the way users analyze Big Data and communicate analytic insights company wide. Customers will be able to take advantage of this integration in September of this year.

Angoss is excited about the Tableau integration within the predictive analytics platform as this will provide users with access to a single platform that provides the ability to code in the language of SAS, SQL, and R, and then deliver data natively to Tableau for visualization – all with easy-to-use drag-and-drop workflow functionality. The integration of Tableau in Angoss’ product suite will expand Angoss’ graphical capacity and augment current data exploration and reporting methods through Tableau’s rich visualization.

Tableau’s easy-to-use, rich visualization capabilities are a perfect union with Angoss’ Predictive Analytics Platform for data preparation, predictive modeling and deployment, and embodies the ease-of-use philosophy found throughout Angoss’ platform. Over the years, Angoss’ focus has been on providing customers with cost effective and user friendly predictive analytics tools that improve performance across verticals, help deliver valuable data insights in a fraction of the time, and now enable smart and fast communication of analyst reports. Angoss is able to accomplish this through attributes such as industry leading patented Decision Trees that provide an intuitive interface for building predictive models, patent pending Strategy Trees for prescriptive modeling and treatment assignment, easy to use automated workflows with drag-and-drop functionality, and interactive data visualization through Tableau principles.

“Angoss’ customers will have the best of both worlds – data preparation tools, sophisticated statistical analyses, Decision Trees and the market leading data visualization of Tableau” said Jim McGill, President and Chief Executive Officer, Angoss. “Users will now be able to better interact with datasets and model outputs through Tableau’s data exploration capabilities and enhance interpretation of high-quality statistical or analytical projects and see them take flight.”

About Angoss
Angoss is a global leader in delivering predictive analytics to businesses looking to improve performance across risk, marketing and sales. With a suite of big data analytics software solutions and consulting services, Angoss delivers powerful approaches that provide you with a competitive advantage by turning your information into actionable business decisions. Many of the world’s leading organizations in financial services, insurance, retail and high tech rely on Angoss to grow revenue, increase sales productivity and improve marketing effectiveness while reducing risk and cost. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Angoss serves customers in over 30 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

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