From Insights to Actionables

January 25, 2017.

by – Posted in Predictive Analytics

Today’s businesses are faced with surmounting pressure not only to appeal to the right audience but also to achieve maximum results with minimum loss under tough constraints. Knowing which customers to target is just half the battle, the other half is balancing internal business affairs such as goals, constraints, or budgets. Sometimes predictive models are just not enough.

Predictive models, such as regression, help companies to easily capture relationships and identify patterns within their data to pursue customer segments that are most likely to behave in a certain way. Unfortunately, in a real business scenario this is not enough. Predictive models identify customer interactions that are likely to be effective but may not necessarily be profitable to the business. This becomes even more complicated when dealing with a multitude of customer interactions under complex constraints on a daily basis.

So how do businesses, with a multitude of interactions, decide which strategies to deploy?

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