Crime & Commute in Toronto

April 5, 2017.

by – Posted in Tableau Visualization

I was talking to a co-worker and she mentioned how there were parts of Toronto she avoided and that sparked something. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if our commute crosses the more dangerous parts of Toronto? That way I don’t unknowingly get off at a stop in a neighbourhood that has the highest number of reported assaults?

I am using three different datasets to for this visualization:

Check out my story “Crime and Commute” and then explore the other tabs to see how different TTC routes shimmy in and out of neighbourhoods with a high number of reported crimes. Neighbourhoods with a high number of reported assaults were important to me, what’s important to you?

My goal for this post was to use city of Toronto datasets. I wanted to support them in making the government “open, accessible and transparent”, as indicated by the City of Toronto, and am extremely appreciative of this initiative that started in 2009. My mission was to use Tableau to visualize the data because I wanted to explore their mapping capabilities. Personally, I haven’t worked with GIS data in the past, so this is new and exciting for me. Unfortunately, I didn’t use 10.2- but it probably would’ve been faster if I did.

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