How a Top Canadian Telco Company Saw a
10% Increase in Revenue and Reduced Churn Rates


The Challenge


With over 28 million nationwide customer connections, this leading Telco company wanted to run more effective marketing campaigns to reduce customer churn in light of increasingly fierce Telco competition.


The seamless integration of KnowledgeSTUDIO™ into the company’s pre-existing analytics environment saw better management of models, increased productivity and improved campaign results.


Since the company has utilized Angoss’ KnowledgeSTUDIO, they have increased their customer retention, resulting in a 10% increase in incremental revenue.

The Company

One of Canada’s most recognized Telecommunications (Telco) companies serving residential and business customers with a suite of communication services.

The Challenge

As one of Canada’s leading Telco providers with over 28 million nationwide customer connections, the Customer Insights Group (CIG) sought to:

  • Run more effective and targeted campaigns
  • Attract customers to product offers and reduce customer churn through these campaigns

In light of increasingly fierce competition amongst Telco providers, the company is challenged to continually grow the marketplace.

The Solution

The Telco’s CIG relied heavily on the modeling team to help achieve superior campaign results. Through the use of KnowledgeSTUDIO™ and Angoss Decision Trees functionality, along with the teams pre-existing analytics environment, the Telco’s modeling team was able to:

  • Better manage over 100 models – typically spent 50% of their time on model development and maintenance, with the balance on data mining, consulting and planning
  • Quickly and easily reduce the number of variables for modeling purposes
  • Intuitively visualize the relationship among data

By using KnowledgeSTUDIO, the company saw improved productivity and better campaign results.

The Result

The Telco greatly benefited from the seamless integration between Angoss’ products and the Telco’s pre-existing statistical environment. Noteworthy results include:

Angoss KnowledgeSTUDIO helped the Telco improve productivity by enhancing the modeling processes and decreasing customer churn rates leading to six figure increases in revenue.

“KnowledgeSTUDIO is embedded in the work that we are doing on a daily basis. The Decision Trees allow us to clearly see drivers and relationships in a meaningful way. This tool has vastly improved the efficacy of our customer targeting, leading to six-figure increases in revenue.”

– Associate Director, Segmentation

About KnowledgeSTUDIO™

KnowledgeREADER is an integrated customer intelligence application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of predictive analytics. It delivers unparalleled voice of the customer insights to support customer experience management by building upon the data mining and predictive analytics capabilities in KnowledgeSEEKER™.

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