How a Top Canadian Bank Significantly Increased
Productivity in its Credit Risk and Marketing Groups


The Challenge


As one of Canada’s largest and most recognized banks, the bank sought to increase overall productivity in the credit risk department through the use of analytics and streamlined marketing offers.


With the use of Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER™ and Strategy Trees, the bank’s credit strategy team had the same modeling capabilities as advanced analysts, freeing up analyst resources.


Angoss’ software helped the bank increase productivity for its credit risk and marketing groups and now can create more data-driven decisions for the credit strategies.

The Company

As one of the largest banks in Canada and across the globe, this company serves millions of personal, business, public sector and institutional clients located in Canada, the U.S. and 49 other countries.

The Challenge

In providing personal, commercial, as well as other major banking services to customers, the company sought to:

  • Utilize an analytics solution to help them mitigate credit risk
  • Streamline marketing offers to appropriate customer segments through predictive analytics

The company wanted to increase overall productivity in the credit risk department.

The Solution

After conducting a cost-benefit analysis, the company selected Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER™ as their analytics solution of choice as they believed it was best for the bank’s bottom line. Using Angoss software, they were able to:

  • Apply Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and input automatic calculations into Angoss Strategy Trees, providing an intuitive visual approach for generating predictive strategies
  • Conduct ‘on the fly’ iterative changes to an unlimited number of dependent variables
  • Allow the Credit Analysts to see a whole tree view across KPI’s and an unlimited number of dependent variables
  • Apply KPIs and treatments to Strategy Trees and then evaluate them against lift charts to compare the model’s performance against targets – at times the team analyzes and compares up to 15 trees in a single, intuitive tree view

The use of KnowledgeSEEKER led to a significant productivity gain and allowed the bank’s credit analysts to do more without skilled resources.

The Result

The company uses KnowledgeSEEKER on a daily basis to design and deploy new credit risk strategies. Datasets range from 10,000 to 1 million records, combined with as many as 50 to 400 dependent variables. Through using KnowledgeSEEKER to analyze these massive datasets, they saw results including:

Angoss Software has successfully allowed the credit analyst team to work and act smarter using predictive analytics.

“We realize significant productivity value and are able to design and deploy more sound credit strategies using Angoss Strategy Trees. We can view as many as 400 variables together in a single tree view- and see all KPIs in one snapshot”

– Credit Analyst

About KnowledgeSEEKER™

KnowledgeSEEKER™, part of the predictive analytics suite of products, is an advanced analytics and data mining workbench. It delivers a robust set of capabilities for the development and deployment of data mining models for a wide range of applications and use cases. Users benefit from an intuitive, wizard-driven interface with Angoss patented Decision Trees and unique Strategy Trees at its core.

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