How a Payment Portfolio Management Company
Uses Strategy Trees to Reduce Strategy Development Time


The Challenge


This organization recognized the value of advanced analytics and wanted to improve specific aspects of their analytics processes, particularly by utilizing a criteria-specific Decision Tree platform.


By using a client-server configured setup of KnowledgeSTUDIO™ and Strategy Trees, they extended their analytics capabilities and build industry standard predictive models.


The company realized time savings in development of credit strategies, and improved productivity, and continues to rely heavily on Angoss Decision and Strategy Trees as their primary analytics tools.

The Company

A leading payment portfolio management company that provides credit card product solutions and account management services to American credit card issuers. They have experienced significant growth since their founding.

The Challenge

As a leader in portfolio management and card outsourcing solutions, the company recognized the value of advanced analytics, and therefore had specific goals:

  • Find a vendor that offers Decision Trees that could quickly and easily provide an industry-standard comparative model evaluation
  • Have data scored both inside and outside the Decision Tree platform

Having previous experience with analysis functions, the company very well knew which particular areas in the analytics process they wanted to enhance.

The Solution

The company chose KnowledgeSTUDIO™ as their predictive analytics solution. While the team initially intended to develop and deploy a scorecard model for portfolio acquisition, they discovered several other capabilities from Angoss Strategy Trees in the software:

  • Angoss’ Strategy Trees allow for an unlimited number of key performance indicators for segments, multiple dependent variables, and ability to assign treatments with a rules-based or optimization approach
  • As a result of the automatic code generation features of KnowledgeSTUDIO the team developed acquisition and account management models and strategies that are deployed into a custom decision environment
  • The company builds and evaluates models using industry standards (e.g. ROC curves, K-S measures, etc.) and then deploys them into their BI framework to score new portfolio data

The company used KnowledgeSTUDIO in a client-server configuration, which was installed and configured in less than one day, due to their heavy resource demands.

The Result

Through using KnowledgeSTUDIO and Strategy Trees, the company saw:

The company continues to rely on Angoss’ Decision and Strategy Trees as their primary analytics tools due to flexibility and ease-of-use.

“We are now heavily relying on Angoss’ strategy authoring capabilities, and particularly enjoying the ease-of-use and flexibility of Strategy Trees. It has resulted in a real reduction in strategy development time”


– Portfolio Analytics Manager


About KnowledgeSTUDIO™

KnowledgeSTUDIO™, part of the predictive analytics suite of products, is an advanced analytics, modelling and data mining workbench. It delivers a robust set of capabilities for the development and deployment of data mining models for a wide range of applications and use cases. Users benefit from an intuitive, wizard-driven interface with Angoss patented Decision Trees and unique Strategy Trees at its core.

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