How a Mutual Fund Company Used Analytics
to Improve Sales Productivity


The Challenge


This company had unique challenges regarding the growth and retention of assets through a vast network of financial advisors, and wanted to better manage these assets and increase sales productivity.


In using Angoss FundGUARD™, the organization extracted the insights necessary to retain and grow assets while improving sales productivity.


The company saw better managed assets and improved sales management processes and rapidly recognized the value of Angoss solutions.

The Company

This Canadian mutual fund company manages over $85 billion assets for institutional and private clients globally.

The Challenge

The mutual funds distributor recognizes the unique challenges of growing and retaining assets through a broad and varied distribution network of financial advisors. They sought to:

  • Overcome sales optimization challenges
  • Prioritize sales coverage- there is a vast number of individual advisors coupled with the issues of geographies and multiple territories
  • Better understand how each segment of their business is growing
  • Understand buying and redemption behaviour down to individual segments and advisors
  • Receive an early warning on advocates whose interest may be waning

The company wanted an analytics solution that would better manage sales while gaining more behavioural insight from their data.

The Solution

The company selected Angoss FundGUARD™ to help them achieve the said goals. Using FundGUARD allowed them to:

  • Couple sales (CRM) data with descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Segment their advisor channel according to buying and redemption patterns, generating lists of financial advisors most likely to purchase or redeem in the next 30 days
  • Utilize an interactive BI dashboard and generate business-friendly trend reports on sales by territory and segment

FundGUARD successfully delivered the insights necessary to retain and grow assets under management while optimizing sales team productivity.

The Result

Angoss Software helped the company achieve notable results:

The sales team has rapidly recognized the value in FundGUARD as a solution to their productivity requirements and goals.

“Our implementation experience with Angoss was excellent. FundGUARD was live and in production within weeks. Used in sales operations, FundGUARD is improving sales productivity and is a critical tool for optimizing sales-driven revenue”


– Project Manager


About FundGUARD™

FundGUARD™ delivers predictive analytics in the Cloud and On-Premise to improve sales productivity, increase diversification and assets under management and reduce redemption risk for mutual fund distributors.

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