How a Multinational Corporation Used Text Analytics to
Develop Evidence-based Strategies and Decisions


The Challenge


This multinational corporation wanted to gain a deeper insight into their stakeholder text data to create more evidence-based strategies.


The company utilized text and predictive analytics through Angoss KnowledgeREADER™ to go beyond social media analysis and leverage the power of integrated data.


The company successfully developed more evidence-based business strategies, and made more strategic product decisions by viewing intelligence from outside stakeholders at a holistic level.

The Company

An American multinational corporation headquartered in San Jose, California that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment.

The Challenge

The company holds massive amounts of text data about their organization, deriving from a cross-section of stakeholders- including media analysts, blogs, call center notes, and more. They had one primary goal:

  • Harness key messages from top influencers to extract relevant data which could aid in business strategy

In 2008, the company launched a CEO-driven initiative called Integrated Intelligence. This initiative sought to gain visibility in stakeholder conversations to drive more evidence-based strategies.

The Solution

The company decided to use Angoss KnowledgeREADER™ as their choice of predictive analytics software. Using this software, they were able to:

  • Perform text and predictive analytics functions on an intuitive and flexible interface, through the integration of Lexalytics and Angoss predictive modelling
  • Execute their Integrated Intelligence initiative by identifying key themes, sentiment measurement, and key discussions
  • Monitor sentiment, topics, themes and trends in their data to create a structured dataset
  • Combine these datasets to existing datasets to leverage other models, i.e. propensity to buy analysis, churn analysis, and customer profile reporting

The company successfully went beyond social media analysis to leveraging the power of integrated data.

The Result

Angoss software has allowed the corporation to view intelligence from outside stakeholders at a holistic level. Due to this, the company is now:

The company has eliminated guess-work and intuition from strategy and decision making, favouring data and evidence to support their strategic processes.

“We are now able to take a much more active and holistic role in driving the business from an outside-in perspective”.


– Senior Manager


About KnowledgeREADER™

KnowledgeREADER™ is an integrated customer intelligence application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of predictive analytics. It delivers unparalleled voice of the customer insights to support customer experience management by building upon the data mining and predictive analytics capabilities in KnowledgeSEEKER™.

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