How a Leading Fast Food Chain Identified an
Efficient Way to Examine Same Store Sales Growth


The Challenge


This FFC wanted to develop an efficient way to analyze the overall same store sales growth of their franchises.


By using KnowledgeSTUDIO™ and its unique patent pending Strategy Trees, the company developed an effective approach for building and deploying predictive strategies, thereby driving overall same store sales growth.


The company’s model has been so effective in predicting sales targets and conducting sales analyses that the company is expanding its application to other facets of the organization, including marketing, operations, and human resources.

The Company

A renowned American fast food chain (FFC) serving billions of customers annually has 80% of its locations as franchises.

The Challenge

This FFC sought to develop an efficient way to examine same store sales growth in order to:

  • Better understand which key performance indicators (KPI’s) affected the sales growth of a franchise
  • Get human resources and operations to use this data to align bonus programs based on performance for individual franchises
  • Help marketing use this data to streamline promotions and product groupings

The company wanted to leverage their franchises’ sales data in order to grow sales.

The Solution

The FFC compiled over 3 million Voice of Customer data points across online, cell phone, customer service complaints, employee data and churn across 100+ variables. With the use of KnowledgeSTUDIO™ and its unique, patent pending Strategy Trees, the company was able to:

  • Create an “overall growth of a store” model based on multiple trees and an unlimited number of dependent variables
  • Compare multiple trees to find correlations in a single, holistic view

Strategy trees offered the FFC an intuitive, visual, and collaborative approach for building and deploying predictive strategies, saving time and improving actionable insights.

The Result

The company’s model design is so robust that it works continuously and has been since its production in 2004. Notable results include:

The model has since been applied to other facets of the organization, including human resources, operations, and marketing.

“Angoss’ Strategy Trees are unlike any other tool on the market: it’s easy to use; it can handle an unlimited number of continuous dependent variables; it performs automatic calculations; it’s scalable; and it can breakdown information into understandable datasets.”

– Data Scientist

About KnowledgeSTUDIO™

KnowledgeSTUDIO™, part of the predictive analytics suite of products, is an advanced analytics, modelling and data mining workbench. It delivers a robust set of capabilities for the development and deployment of data mining models for a wide range of applications and use cases. Users benefit from an intuitive, wizard-driven interface with Angoss patented Decision Trees and unique Strategy Trees at its core.

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