How Mattel® Subsidiary American Girl® Used Text Analytics to Better
Understand the Voice of Customer and Improve the Customer Experience


The Challenge


Processing 300,000+ customer emails/year, American Girl needed a solution to help them analyze the text data in mass volumes of emails to better understand the voice of their customer.


Utilized KnowledgeREADER™ to mine text in customer emails to identify and understand trends in subjects, themes, and evolving sentiment, in order to improve the customer experience.


Identified weekly trends in opinion and sentiment in customer emails, and greatly improved their ability to analyze, actively listen to and respond to the needs of their customer.

The Company

Founded in 1986, American Girl LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mattel®, is one of America’s top omni-channel marketers, with direct, retail, and publishing divisions to serve the American Girl® brand and its customers.

The Challenge

The American Girl® Customer Sales & Services Team and the Customer Insights group process and respond to upwards of 300,000 emails per year. They sought a solution to help them:

  • Better understand the voice of their customer
  • Accurately interpret the sentiment behind the words in emails
  • Analyze and understand trends in customer emails for the betterment of their brand, products, and customer experience

American Girl needed a tool for analyzing and grouping mass volumes of emails, post-response, to help them identify evolving sentiment and better understand the voice of their customer.

The Solution

American Girl® leveraged the powerful text and social analytics in Angoss KnowledgeREADER™ software to:

  • Mine text in customer emails to identify subjects, themes and evolving sentiment
  • Identify items mentioned with the highest frequency in order to analyze trends
  • Prioritize issues tracking and awareness based on quantity of emails, sentiment and changes over time

Using KnowledgeREADER, American Girl was able to analyze text in customer emails to identify trends in themes and sentiment, allowing the team to take appropriate actions to improve the customer experience.

The Result

KnowledgeREADER™ helped American Girl® gain valuable insight into the voice of their customer through their emails, to improve their products, brand and customer experience. Going forward, they are able to:

Recognizing KnowledgeREADER’s value in helping them better understand the voice of their customer, American Girl is looking at expanding its use to analyze their social media conversations and their 1.5 million annual phone calls, as well as using it in other parts of the organization.

“We receive over 300,000 emails per year. With KnowledgeREADER™, we are able to analyze customer email, and find consistencies. Through weekly reporting, it will help us let our Customer Sales and Services see which are the hot themes of the week and how they change week over week, so they can take the appropriate action.”

– Joe Elke Advanced Insights Scientist – Business Intelligence, American Girl LLC

About KnowledgeREADER™

KnowledgeREADER is an integrated customer intelligence application that combines visual text discovery and sentiment analysis with the power of predictive analytics. It delivers unparalleled voice of the customer insights to support customer experience management by building upon the data mining and predictive analytics capabilities in KnowledgeSEEKER™.

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