As demand for data science platforms increases, Angoss positions a “Leader” in the 2017 Forrester Wave for Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning Solutions (PAML)

March 8, 2017.

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In today’s high-speed commercialized market, organizations with similar goals in areas of: profitability, growth, customer service, retention, and so on, compete to secure a successful future. A vast majority of these conglomerates have instinctively determined that data is one of their most precious assets. In fact, it is generalized that data accumulation helps to infer findings that positively shape the direction of the business. For instance, with access to more customer data, financial institutions are able to decrease the margin of error in their predictions thereby reducing risk of exposure to factors like fraud, bankruptcy, and default. Consequently, if data is so valuable it only makes sense for companies to adopt the most integrated and Big Data equipped data science platforms that adapt to changing data trends, business needs, and user expectations.

Adoption of Big Data enabled data science platforms is on the rise across the enterprise in all verticals and industries. In the 2017 Forrester PAML Wave, “Forrester forecasts a 15% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the PAML market through 2021.” The rising need for data science applications reinforces the seemingly undeniable fact that a single, fully integrated platform is key to enabling data access and data insights.

Another reason for Data Science Platform growth is the heterogeneous mix of data scientist talent. Nowadays, data science teams are endowed with a plethora of programming skills and tools knowledge. A platform that integrates well with different coding environments, open source machine learning libraries and BI tools, and adapts to emerging technologies, will be capable of successfully harnessing the power of advanced analytics and Big Data, consequently facilitating the output of actionable insights.

In the 2017 PAML Wave Forrester has placed Angoss as a “Leader”, and recognizes that Angoss’ data science platform is geared with the necessary building blocks to help organizations institutionalize knowledge and promote collaboration. In fact, Forrester states that “Angoss is ready to be your primary solution.”

Click here to download the full Forrester PAML Wave report and to find out what building blocks comprise a fully-integrated, Big Data enabled, Data Science Platform.

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